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My grandma got into a car accident several years ago and was always complaining about her upper back/ shoulder areas, my uncle referred her to Dr. Scott.  After about 3 sessions my grandma stopped complaining about her back and shoulder pain, I was so impressed I went in for a neck/shoulder problem I was having myself and after 2 sessions the pain disappeared.  Now my grandma and I go there for maintenance.  Dr. Scott is very polite and caring.  He takes his time to understand the problem and than pin points a solution.  I've been taking my grandmother to many chiropractors in the past and no one has been able to alleviate her pain like Dr Scott (trust me my grandma is not very easily impressed).  If you have any kind of pain in your joints, muscles, and/or back give Dr. Scott a shot.

- Joe M

A marching band I was helping teach played at the Nike Marathon about 3 years ago. A couple of the drummers couldn't come to the gig, so I threw on a set and (kind of) played with them for the gig. Unfortunately, my back wasn't prepared for it and I ended up with the beginnings of a bulging disk, which if you don't know, does not go away and is incredibly painful.

About 4 weeks ago, I bent over to pick a shirt I had dropped on the floor and my back completely gave out. I fell face-first into the ground and couldn't walk properly for 3 days. I was referred by a client of mine to go see a chiropractor and I was EXTREMELY skeptical, but I trust her judgement in this arena so I went to see him.

Dr. Scott taught me how my back works, what I should avoid doing, how he's using my anatomy to fix the disk, adjusted my workout routine and has corrected my posture by working on a separate old injury I wasn't even aware of. It has been three weeks, three sessions a week and for the first time in three years my back does not hurt. We're now beginning the process of weening me off his treatments and eventually we will just be doing checkups. I have full mobility back and my friends are all telling me that I walk differently now and look great!

I almost want to cry I'm so happy. It never stopped hurting, and for anyone who's been living with pain, you know that the pain never stops; you just get used to it... You just expect it to hurt when you move. If I picked up my niece to hug her, the next day I would be wincing with pain. I really thought I was going to live with this every day for the rest of my life....

I'm beyond grateful, and as such I want to urge everyone else who feels like their back pain is hopeless to give this man a call... So call him. I told him that I was going to blow him up, but I don't think he understands what he's done for me.

(He's a young, funny guy too, and pretty easy on the eyes.... says the straight guy.... Gotta mean something... Ladies)

Hope this helps some of you.

- Matt R

We found this place not far from our house and my boyfriend is SO happy with the results with Dr. Scott. He actually is able to pop out of bed without pain.

We have recommended him to all our friends! AND again to anyone looking for a chiropractor who works on your entire body, neck to your toes!  He has machines that I have never seen before and I have been going to chiropractors with my parents since I was a kid. I have NEVER seen a chiropractor crack your ankles or feet! AND wow my boyfriend shows visible relief after Dr. Scott does THAT!

Thanks for everything Dr. Scott!!! AWESOME!!!! =)

- Patricia A

I came in with daily migraines, neck and lower back pain, walking slightly hunched over and after a few sessions with Dr. Scott I walked out, as he likes to say, like I owned the place.

Migraines are non existent and sitting 10-12 hours per day at my desk is now pain free.  My posture is much, much better and now my biggest worry is what to do with my 300 pack of Excedrin Migraine pills now.

Thanks for everything Dr. Scott!

- Miralem M

Dr. Scott is amazing!  I hurt my back this weekend and I've been to other chiropractors and wasn't expecting instant relief but rather a hard sale on future services.  I got just the opposite. Dr. Scott was very friendly and comforting, he explained in detail everything he was doing and what I should expect the outcomes to be.  Very thorough in his exams and no up sell!  He even called me to see how I was doing later that day.  What a sweetie..

I'm definitely going to tell my friends!

- Judy M

Kids are welcome and in good hands with Dr. Scott.  My 7 year old daughter woke up on a Friday morning with a severe muscle spasm.  By Saturday morning it was not improved and she still couldn't straighten her head and shoulders.  Dr. Scott got my daughter in right away.  She was nervous and apprehensive and was crying when her turn came up.  Dr. Scott did a phenomenal job with her.  He had her relaxed and comfortable in minutes.  It took several more visits to resolve her muscle spasm fully, but we saw huge pain relief and full mobility return very rapidly and noticeably more after each visit.  I've been an adult fan of Chiropractic for years but wasn't convinced it could be as helpful for kids until now.  I am sold!

- Wendy R

For anyone out there who has never experienced chiropractic care and how much it can help you, I recommend you call Dr. Scott.  He is the ultimate professional, has excellent communication skills, is sincerely concerned about your health and comfort, is highly trained in not only basic chiropractic care, but also has specialized training in several areas. He and his office have truly been an answer to prayer for myself and my son.

I was searching for a chiropractor for my son (a college baseball player) who had been complaining for a couple of weeks of a painful back.  After the first visit and exam, Dr. Scott explained that my son most likely had a small fracture on his Pars bone, or Facet Syndrome.  He began immediate care under Dr. Scott.  We were also seeking the advise of an Orthopedic doctor, as required by the college.  After about 6 weeks of getting X-rays, CT scans, then a bone scan, the Ortho confirmed Dr. Scott"s diagnosis of a Pars stress fracture. All the while, Dr. Scott had been treating my son, speeding up the healing process.

Personally, I have what has been diagnosed as a "severe disc herniation" between c5 and c6. I had undergone steroidal injections, been given every pain drug out there including nerve medications to help the severe pain and tingling I was having in my right arm. I had been told by  cervical specialists that my only options were to control the pain with medications, then to eventually have my neck fused when the medications were no longer working. At 46 years old, I was not pleased with that news. I mentioned my problem to Dr. Scott during my son's visit and he encouraged me to get my MRI and X-rays from my doctor so that he could take a look. He spent 20 minutes reviewing my films with me, explaining everything that was going on in my neck. That was about 18 minutes longer than my doctor had spent!  After only 2 treatments, my arm was totally pain and tingle free. Amazing! I have just finished 4 weeks of treatment on my neck and am feeling great. I am no longer taking any medication.

I can not give this doctor more praise.  Dr. Scott is a top notch health care professional and chiropractor.  The office staff is professional and courteous, appointments are easy to get and best of all, you will get better!

- Betsy K

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